Lacrosse Drills for Coaches

Swax Lax soft lacrosse training balls provide a variety of applications for players of all ages. The weight and dimensions of the Swax Lax ball mimic the qualities of a regulation lacrosse ball, while also enhancing the player's ability to play with confidence due to its soft quilted construction. And with less bounce and ricochet, missed passes are easily corralled and put back into the drill allowing more reps and less chasing — and more productive practices.

    Lacrosse Drills Using Swax Lax Balls

    Popcorn Stickwork Drills

    This drill shows how to build wrist strength for all over the field, how to gain stick mobility, and how to be a better ball handler.

    A Lacrosse Cradling Drill for K–2nd Graders

    This lacrosse drill is ideal for teaching basic lacrosse cradling while walking, running, and even being chased. Your youngest players will want to play this drill over and over again.

    Egg Hunt Lacrosse Drill for Beginner and Intermediate Players

    Lacrosse drill that can be adapted to all ages and skill levels. It covers lacrosse techniques from ground balls, to cradling, to shooting — and gives lacrosse players the opportunity to work on a variety of fundamental skills all in one drill.

    5 Ways Swax Lax Can Strengthen Your Game While Corona Keeps You Home

    Like most coaches, at least the ones I like, I’m a glass half full guy. Looking for opportunities is my default position, regardless of the circumstances. With a little more time on my hands than I’m used to at this time of year, I came up with a few ideas for my team and myself to keep the stick in our hands and maybe even relieve a little stress.

    8 Places to Train Outdoors with a Swax Lax Ball

    This summer is the perfect time to put a lacrosse stick in your hand, grab a Swax Lax ball, head outside, and train anywhere. Where exactly? Here’s where...

    Drills for More Advanced Players

    Here are 11 drills for high school and college-level players.

    Perfect Drills for Middle School Lacrosse Players

    These lacrosse drills are excellent for middle school players and work perfectly when confined to the close quarters of a gymnasium or on a small field.

    3 Favorite Indoor Lacrosse Drills for Intermediate to Advanced Players

    Here are three of our favorite lacrosse training drills. They can all be used either indoors or out, for boys or girls. Each drill, in its most basic form, should be able to be executed by an average middle school player.

    How to Do the "1v1v1 To Goal" Lacrosse Training Drill

    A competitive, high-energy ground ball drill that will teach young lacrosse players how to react to different situations.

    One Knee Shooting Lacrosse Drill

    This drill teaches athletes how to correctly shoot an overhand lacrosse shot.

    Do you have favorite lacrosse drills of your own? Please share with us! We'd love to feature you and one of your drills and the success you've had using Swax Lax training balls

    If you need more help or would like more ideas on how to incorporate Swax Lax practice balls into your lacrosse program, contact us and we'll schedule a call.

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