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    Here Lies Coach Laura Gump. Poor Thing. Taken Down by An Errant Lacrosse Ball.

    "Here lies Coach Laura Gump.

    Poor thing.

    Taken down by an errant lacrosse ball."

    Laura Gump - founder and CEO of Swax Lax lacrosse training ballsThis has been my fear for years. Getting hit in the head by a hard, bouncy lacrosse ball thrown around at practice, particularly while coaching my team indoors. And it's not just a crazy fear — I accidentally hit my own fourth-grade daughter in the head while practicing lacrosse in the backyard.

    It takes a veteran lacrosse coach, and someone who really understands the game to develop a perfect practice ball — one that’s the exact dimensions of a regulation ball but also helps players develop their skills, and makes them feel safer and more confident.

    So that's what I did. After my “aha moment” in the backyard, I launched a business around a new type of soft lacrosse training ball called Swax Lax. Since then, we’ve patented the product and are now selling to schools, clubs, and retailers throughout the US and Canada, including Dicks and Walmart.

    Coaches like me are always looking for better ways to train their players, whether it’s teaching how to scoop up a ball without pushing it around like a vacuum cleaner, or finding a way to practice inside with a ball that doesn’t roll under the bleachers or ding the gym floor. If you’re tired of seeing your players chase balls around a parking lot or through an irate group of softball players, then Swax Lax balls can make a difference for your team too.

    Our website contains a library of resources (videos and drills) that will help you incorporate Swax Lax balls into your practices regardless of the setting or players’ ability level — or whether you coach a men’s or women’s team.

    In addition to leading Swax Lax, since 2008 I’ve directed a camp and clinic program called Swax Lax Lacrosse designed to encourage K–5th grade beginners to have a positive first experience with the sport. Since coaching a team is my favorite thing to do, I continue to serve as a middle school lacrosse coach at Kent Place School in Summit, NJ.

    When not doing all things lacrosse, I love to mentor high school students, play pickleball with my family, walk with friends, and read.

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