The answer to this question depends on who you’re asking! 

For new players, the Swax Lax ball is softer and less intimidating, but it's still the same weight and size as a regulation ball. This means that players who are new to the game can learn how to throw and catch using correct stick skill technique by keeping the stick head in between their shoulders rather than flinching or holding their sticks away from their faces. Removing the fear of the ball is key to keeping new players coming back to practice. Since the ball doesn’t roll very far, missed catches stop close to where they land; players can pick up the ball and keep practicing! In the end, Swax Lax helps players be more confident. 

More advanced players have found the Swax Lax ball to be the perfect fit for indoor use. Since it doesn’t bounce, indoor practices are significantly less chaotic than with rubber balls because they don’t damage hardwood gym floors like some of the harder indoor lacrosse balls and they don’t ricochet around the gym and hit teammates.

Although our training balls and lacrosse balls are the same size and weight, Swax Lax training balls are filled with sand/rubber mixture and have a soft fabric exterior as opposed to lacrosse balls, which are solid rubber. The balls are NOT filled with birdseed, which can attract squirrels or other animals.

Our Pro-Grip balls are the same size and weight as our regular Swax Lax balls but they’re made with a new, tacky material. The material has more grip and mimics the feel of a brand new rubber lacrosse ball in your stick.

Both balls are the same size and weight as a regulation ball. The goalie balls have numbers on the panels — coaches can work on hand-eye coordination, and communication skills, with their keepers by tossing balls to the goalies and having them call out the number and the color of the Swax Lax ball. Watch goalie training videos using Swax Lax balls.

Swax Lax balls are perfect for practicing stick tricks. Because of the softer exterior of the ball, it is easier to practice difficult stick tricks anywhere with more confidence. Remember, Swax Lax balls won’t bounce or ricochet around, especially in your basement.

Swax Lax balls can get wet; they are water-resistant. When the balls get wet, they become a little heavier, but after a few hours, the ball goes back to normal. They could get mushier if they absorb a lot of water. They do not float.

There are few limitations. We recommend wearing appropriate protective gear when using Swax Lax balls. In very rare circumstances, Swax Lax balls have gotten wedged into a face mask when thrown at very high speeds. Although they are suitable for shooting at high speeds, you should use caution as they could cause injury if shot at a person in a high speed.

Swax Lax balls are not intended for children under age 4, and they could be dangerous if ingested by humans or animals.

We sure do! Please email our Team Sales department.

Yes! We are happy to create custom orders for teams! All we need is a logo and ideas on colors or designs. For more information, email us.

In order to make sure that our Pro-Grip balls keep their grippy feel, we do not print additional logos on the ball. The material gets smooth when it is dyed so we cannot customize Pro-Grip balls.

Yes! Check out the training video section of our website to see some of the drills we use at our own lacrosse camps and clinics!

Yes! Swax Lax balls are suitable for rebounders, but they're not for playing wall ball.

Contact us if you'd like to ship to Canada or Europe. Hot Tip: the base price of shipping to these countries can be high, so bulk orders will give you the most bounce for the ounce!

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Contact us! Authentic Swax Lax balls are designed with our official logo, and that is how you can tell it is our tough, durable, patented design. To find out where you can buy a Swax Lax ball, contact us or check out our list of retailers.

Contact us! We stand by our products, and we want you to be happy with your Swax Lax purchase.

Funny you should ask! Jugglers love Swax Lax balls and buy them all the time (they especially love the patterns and bright colors of our Original training balls)! We've even had jugglers ask about custom Swax Lax balls.

Swax Lax LLC offers a 90-day replacement-ball guarantee on balls deemed defective in materials or workmanship under normal lacrosse game-playing conditions. This guarantee is valid on balls purchased through an authorized retailer. Please email us a photo of the damaged ball and proof of purchase. We cannot guarantee a replacement ball of the same color.

Occasionally some of our balls may leave a colored mark on hardwood gym floors. Any all-surface cleaner sprayed on the mark and then wiped with a paper towel should resolve the issue.

Don’t worry! Over the years many different breeds of dogs have eaten a Swax Lax ball, and they all lived to bark about it later. While we recommend that you call your Vet for advice, the important news is that your dog will probably be just fine. Swax Lax balls are made from synthetic leather, recycled rubber, and sand. Not a particularly tasty combination but not lethal either.

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