Coaches on Coaching: Brooke Wilson

Those who are introduced to lacrosse for the first time usually react with:

Confusion: what the heck is she doing with that weird thing in her hand?

Skepticism: why is she doing that? This is a sport?! Where? Who plays this?

Shyness and hesitation

Criticism: yeah but it’s not as cool as soccer (usually fueled by the shyness and hesitation)

….and then they try it. What follows after is ALWAYS:

a smile.

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Coaches on Coaching: Holly Reilly
Holly Reilly, director of Renegade Lacrosse, is driven to train the next generation of women's lacrosse players. A three-sport standout at Shawnee High School in Medford, NJ, Holly went on to captain both the lacrosse and field hockey teams at Princeton University. She was twice named first-team All-American and also was the Ivy League co-Player of the Year in 2009. Read Coach Holly's respondes to our Coaches on Coaching questions.
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Summing Up LaxCon 2020
We just returned from the 2020 LaxCon in Philly, the city of Brotherly Love, where we got to feel the love ourselves from our fellow coaches and players who are big fans of Swax Lax! There is nothing more rewarding as a manufacturer in the lacrosse community than having the opportunity to come face to face with customers, including new fans, fellow vendors, and old friends.
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