With Stadiums, Arenas, and Fields Empty, Where Are Our Heroes?

The heroes people are talking about now aren’t dunking basketballs, catching touchdowns, or scoring behind-the-head goals. They are scientists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and first responders. They wear a different type of uniform and a different type of face mask. They aren’t the only ones either. They’re the truckers, grocery clerks, shelf stockers, baggers, delivery drivers, farmers, ranchers, bakers, packagers, and bottlers who are keeping us fed and healthy with considerable risk to their own health. 

These are the folks who are going to get us back on the field. We need to be prepared for that time by doing our part. Start by asking, what is your part? What is your responsibility? The answer may be different for many of us.

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Coaches on Coaching: Brooke Wilson

Those who are introduced to lacrosse for the first time usually react with:

Confusion: what the heck is she doing with that weird thing in her hand?

Skepticism: why is she doing that? This is a sport?! Where? Who plays this?

Shyness and hesitation

Criticism: yeah but it’s not as cool as soccer (usually fueled by the shyness and hesitation)

….and then they try it. What follows after is ALWAYS:

a smile.

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