11 Must-Have Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Lacrosse Players — All Under $25

Swax Lax Lacrosse Practice Balls - Solid colors

Shopping for your favorite lacrosse player just got a lot easier. We scoured the Internet and found these low-cost, high-quality presents any laxer would be happy to receive. All under $25, these 11 stocking-stuffer gifts are sure to bring joy this holiday season. Best of all, most work for both men and women. No matter what you add to your cart, be sure to order early!

Lax Friends Long Sleeve Tee - Lacrosse Unlimited

Lax Friends Long Sleeve Tee

This unisex long-sleeved shirt works for any lax player whose two favorite things are binging Netflix and playing lacrosse. This tee is lightweight, comfortable, and comes in both youth and adult sizes. Lacrosse players of all ages can rock this shirt on the couch and on the field! You can get the shirt now at Lacrosse Unlimited, $19.99.

Max The LAX Dog Sport Pack Cinch Sack

Max the LAX Dog Cinch Sack

Max the LAX cinch sack is for any laxer on the go who loves dogs ALMOST as much as they love lacrosse. The bag comes in seven different colors, so whether you’re looking for a gift that is your players’ favorite color, or a gift that matches their gear, this is the sport pack for you. You can order one now at LuLaLax, $15.99.

Champion Neon Green Lacrosse Balls

Neon Green Lacrosse Balls

Every lacrosse player needs two things: a ball and a stick. While you may not be able to get a lacrosse stick for under $25 (or have it fit in a stocking), you can get this 12-pack of lacrosse balls for $18. They meet NOCSAE standards, are approved by the NCAA/NFHS, and are SEI-certified so your favorite player can take them right from their stocking onto the field! You can order this set and others in different colors now at Lacrosse Ball Store, as well as purchase single balls on their website.

Lacrosse Unlimited Holiday 2020 Dab Swax Lax ball

Pattern and Solid Swax Lax Balls

Our Swax Lax lacrosse training balls are the exact same weight and size as a hard rubber lacrosse ball, only a lot softer. They also don’t roll as much, making them ideal for indoor play. The balls are perfect for all players, from beginners who are afraid of the ball to advanced players with indoor practices. You can choose from lots of solid colors and patterned designs. Shop now at Swax Lax, $9.99. Buy the exclusive Holiday Dab pattern ball at Lacrosse Unlimited.

Lacrosse Unlimited Knit Lacrosse Hat

Knit Lacrosse Hat

No winter hat is complete without a puff ball. This striped knit cap will keep your laxers warm and stylish this season, whether they’re throwing lacrosse balls in practice or throwing snowballs in the backyard. The hat comes in multiple colors. You can order one now at Lacrosse Unlimited, $19.99.

Jingle All the Way Lacrosse Ornament

Jingle All the Way Ornament

Ornaments are always one of the most popular holiday gifts to give to a loved one. With this ornament, lacrosse players can show off their holiday spirit and their love of lacrosse. This item is ceramic, hand-crafted, and features a double-sided design. You can order the ornament now from ChalkTalk SPORTS, $14.99.

SISU FRESH Mouthguard Breath Sprah


Let's face it — after countless games and practices, mouthguards can get a little smelly. SISU's FRESH mouthguard spray to the rescue. Players apply the cinnamint-flavored spray to their mouthguard before and after use. Now you and your laxer can enjoy the sweeter smell of fresh breath — and mouthguards. Shop now at SportStop, $11.99.

Legend Caps for lacrosse sticks

Create Your Own Legend

When you’re wearing a team uniform, there aren’t too many opportunities to stand out. That’s where Legend Caps comes in. Their custom end caps can be personalized with not only a player’s name and number, but also an image that you can upload yourself. Personalized gifts are always extra special, and players will love how much thought you put into their present. The caps come in six different colors and work with men’s, women’s, and most junior boys’ size shafts. You can customize one now at Legend Caps, $12.99.

ECD Pocket Polish

Pocket Polish

East Coast Dyes’ Pocket Polish is designed to increase the performance and prolong the life of your lacrosse equipment. The wax comes in a tube and can be applied to mesh, shooting strings, gloves, or stick tape. Pocket Polish can help weatherproof your equipment and add tackiness to improve your grip as well as the grip of your stick. Purchase Pocket Polish from East Coast Dyes, $9.99.

Mad LAX Socks with Lax Sticks

Mad LAX Socks with Lax Sticks

These unisex crew socks will spice up any lacrosse look. Among other features, they are designed to be moisture wicking, lightweight, and provide blister control. The athletic socks come in a whopping 19 color combinations, including combos that match many team colors. They come in three sizes, with the smallest size being able to fit youth players. You can get a pair (or 10!) at MadSportsStuff, $10.99.

LuluLax Personalized DogTag Keychains

Personalize Your Stuff

This dog tag keychain can be attached to your laxer’s lacrosse bag, backpack, set of keys, and anywhere else they could think of! The keychain can be customized with the player’s name, which not only adds a personal touch but also makes her items easier to identify. You can choose from four different color combinations. Order one today at LuLuLax, $10.99.

What are your favorite lacrosse gift ideas? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook, and please share your own stocking stuffer ideas — we want to know what’s popular with our readers! Or, you could send us an email. For more gift ideas, read our Indoor Training Gift Guide

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Molly Gump graduated from Oberlin College in 2020. Though she coached lacrosse for a few years, her biggest claim to fame in the sports world was getting hit in the face with a lacrosse ball by her mom in fourth grade, inspiring her mother to invent Swax Lax balls.