8 Places to Train Outdoors With a Swax Lax Ball

8 Places to Train Outdoors With a Swax Lax Ball

This summer is the perfect time to put a lacrosse stick in your hand, grab a Swax Lax ball, head outside, and train anywhere. Where exactly? Here’s where:


Get some friends and toss the ball, you know it won’t bounce or roll away.


Show the shoreline your cradling and throwing creds. Sun, sand, lax, and Swax Lax? Yes.


Set up or find a rebounder. At your local park, school, or home? Perfect. Change up your angles and pace.


Surround yourself with family and friends before an exciting event, and show off your skills.


Stay close to home. Look at your backyard space as a patch of nature waiting for action.

Dead-end street

Toss around in less busy traffic where there’s less to worry about and less bounce and roll from your Swax Lax.

Tight spaces in between houses or buildings

Try new tricks. You might have to keep the noise down but you have less ricochet to worry about.

Behind your local school

Work on your soft hands and cradle here. It’s a good quiet place now that school’s out. Take a friend.

Many options and places to hone your game. Most of all, enjoy being outside. #trainanywhere

Get your Swax Lax ball today!

Lacrosse field with Swax Lax lacrosse training balls and stick