Lacrosse: The Old and The New

Lacrosse: The Old and The New

The Swax Lax team just got back from another great LaxCon weekend. We spent a good portion of the weekend listening to our great customers and friends gush about our product and how it has changed their lives. OK, the life changing part is probably a tiny exaggeration, but it seemed like a total love-fest from where we were standing.

Traditional Wooden [Lacrosse] Crosses

LaxCon is growing so big and there are so many new lacrosse companies and products out there that it is pretty easy to ignore our past. One of our friends from Canada, Tom Bileski, came by our booth to share some photos about what he did last summer. Last summer isn’t the past we were referencing. Tom, among other things, collects, restores, and restrings old wooden lacrosse sticks. He then uses them at the camps he runs, allowing young players to experience playing with traditional wooden crosses.

We got a big kick out of thee photos he took with his gorgeously restored wooden sticks chock full of Swax Lax balls. Seeing the old and the new together made me reflect on some of the history of our great game of lacrosse.

Looking at all the new gadgets, gizmos, and game-changing equipment, we often forget that this game has been played on this continent for hundreds and hundreds of years. Native American culture believes lacrosse is a gift from the Creator, and playing the game pleases the Creator. It sure pleases us too.

We at Swax Lax would like to thank our friend Tom Bileski. Restoring old wooden sticks and sharing the experience with youngsters reminds everyone about the important traditions associated with our great game. Thanks Tom.

When the road ahead looks so good, we sometimes forget to look in the rearview mirror.

Traditional wooden lacrosse sticks (crosses) - refinished