250K Balls and 3 Candles Equal a Very Happy Birthday

250K Balls and 3 Candles Equal a Very Happy Birthday

Dear Parents, Players, Coaches, and Friends:

It’s hard to believe that Swax Lax is celebrating its 3rd birthday this month. It feels like yesterday when I had my "AHA! moment" for the invention of the Swax Lax ball. While trying to teach my then 4th grade daughter to catch using a regular lacrosse ball, I accidentally hit her in the head. She threw down her stick, declared that lacrosse was a stupid sport, and quit on the spot.

It was this bleak moment in my 20-year coaching career that led me on a search for a softer lacrosse ball that would feel real in your stick. Ultimately, the journey led me to develop the Swax Lax ball, file a patent, and found a successful start-up.

Three years later, the company is thriving beyond our expectations. With more than a quarter million balls sold to players of all ages, Swax Lax is known as the best indoor training ball on the market and the most effective way to introduce the sport to new players. We’re now in more than 1,000 retail stores in 50 states and several countries, including Canada, Germany, and the UK. We're proud to say that we’re truly a global brand!

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the enthusiastic support of our early adopters and fans. Thanks to the coaches who came up and hugged me at LaxCon for "building a better mousetrap," to the parents who told me they no longer yell at their son or daughter for playing in the house, and to the players who are now allowed to practice in the gym. We could not have done it without you!

Help us raise a stick in celebration of Swax Lax’s 3rd birthday!

Laura Gump
Inventor and Owner