The New Gold Star in Stickers

Limited-edition Valentine's Day Swax Lax sticker

Remember in grammar school, when you’d actually teach yourself how to diagram a sentence or multiply fractions, just so you could get a tiny gold star sticker on your test paper? I don’t, I was way too cool for that. However, I do remember my goody-two-shoes classmates who would.

Those tiny gold star stickers were incredible motivators. They inspired students to do tedious operations and behave well too.

Well, it turns out those tiny gold star stickers still work. They may not be as tiny, or as plain as gold foil. And they certainly don’t need to be licked to stick to something. But they motivate our customers to train with Swax Lax balls.

Swax Lax stickers - assortment of Sticker Mule round stickers

Stickers Spur Swax Success

We frequently run contests encouraging our fans to show us how they’re using Swax Lax balls to improve their game or just to have fun. Whether it’s hitting the rebounder or mastering a new trick, it turns out that a Swax Lax sticker is quite the incentive.

Notebooks, laptops, water bottles, lacrosse helmets, and goals are the most frequently seen sticking points for Swax Lax stickers. Some fans are on a mission to collect all of our different stickers. We are always interested to see where they’re going to show up. Kind of like Waldo. We just never know and love to be surprised.

But as coaches, the real goal is to engage our players and get them playing this great game. If it takes a few stickers to get them out there, we’re good with that. (We love working with Sticker Mule to create our stickers — wait until you see our hologram logo sticker and car decals, not to mention our spring die-cut sticker! All coming very soon as giveaways and/or incentives — be sure to follow us on Instagram!)

Can you tell us what gold stars you use to motivate your players? Or if you’re a player, what motivates you? If you share maybe we’ll send you a sticker.

About the Author

Kevin Meany is the head boys coach at Swax Lax Lacrosse and was a former goalie for Providence College. When he’s not coaching for Swax Lax Lacrosse, he’s the assistant coach for the Morristown-Beard varsity and middle school lacrosse teams in Morristown, New Jersey, and a contributor to the Swax Lax team where he keeps all of us laughing.