Swax Lax Power Weights Can Power Your Lacrosse Training

Swax Lax Power Weights Can Power Your Lacrosse Training

Stickwork can make every lacrosse player better, and that's just a fact. As a lacrosse player, your lacrosse stick is an extension of your body; and, you can always improve your stick skills to become a better lacrosse player. Swax Lax recently created Power Weights; a training tool that adds to the weight of your lacrosse stick while passing and throwing. With Power Weights, lacrosse players can improve their muscle strength, shooting speed, and mechanics during any lacrosse stickwork drill.

Power Weights Pack A Punch

At roughly 1.5 lacrosse balls, the Swax Lax Power Weights puts enough weight onto your lacrosse stick to make a noticeable difference. Weighing between 212g-220g, you'll definitely feel the weight of the Power Weights holding back your lacrosse stick when you're playing. And that's the best part of Power Weights, you can get in live reps while using Power Weights on your lacrosse stick. Wall ball, shooting, dodging, and passing drills are all possible while building better lacrosse fundamentals and using Swax Lax Power Weights.

All lacrosse players can get some use out of the Swax Lax Power Weights because they fit all lacrosse sticks. Yes, that's correct; all lacrosse sticks for men's and women's lacrosse can be used with Swax Lax Power Weights (except for the Warrior Warp). And that means that all positions in lacrosse can get a benefit out of using Power Weights.

How Attack and Midfield Can Use Swax Lax Power Weights

Lacrosse players looking to improve their stickwork and skills on offense will want to use Swax Lax Power weights to increase wrist strength and precision. Wall ball, passing drills, and shooting with extra resistance from Power Weights can all improve wrist and arm muscles that are used in the motions of lacrosse. That extra weight can help train those muscles and make playing lacrosse without Power Weights on your lacrosse stick that much easier. Wrist strength is a huge advantage for inside finishing and getting the extra velocity on outside shots. Use the Power Weights for stickwork, and you'll notice you're stinging corners just a little bit harder each day.

How Defense Can Use Swax Lax Power Weights

Learning precision control in lacrosse when playing defense is more art than science. It takes time and muscle memory to be able to throw checks without getting a penalty every time. Putting Swax Lax Power Weight onto your lacrosse stick as a defender allows you to work with a heavier stick and learn control. When you slow down your checks with a heavier lacrosse stick and focus on your precision, you develop the ability to throw them with more power and accuracy during gameplay. Doing some simple "m's", "w's", or "figure 8s" with a weighted down lacrosse stick, you really work that motion and improve that specific muscle memory.

Footwork is also a cornerstone of playing defense in lacrosse, and a Swax Lax Power Weights can add that extra resistance to your workout. Lots of lacrosse players do ladder drills with lacrosse sticks, and now you can put Power Weights on your stick and help gain explosiveness. You can then seamlessly transition into a groundball out of a ladder with a Swax Lax Power Weights on your lacrosse stick because you can still use your stick in a drill with Power Weight

How Goalies Can Use Swax Lax Power Weights

Goalies are always looking for a new way to make their lacrosse training more intense or improve their reaction speed. Swax Lax Power Weights are the newest form of resistance training in lacrosse for goalies that can make a serious difference. Goalies will love Swax Lax Power Weights because they work with all goalie sticks and slow down goalie's hands.

Most lacrosse goalies are taught to drive with their hands to the ball, and Swax Lax Power Weights make that reaction more difficult. By putting the weight on the lacrosse head and not on the lacrosse shaft, goalies still have all the ability to make saves with extra weight while using Swax Lax Power Weights. The location of the weight also slows down the hands when using the Power Weights; making them that much quicker once you're in a game.

Reprinted with permission from Nick Bonsignore, StringersSociety.com.