Swax Lax Heading to LaxCon 2017

Swax Lax booth at LaxCon 2017

Lacrosse’s largest educational event, LaxCon, is being held this weekend, January 20–22, in Baltimore Maryland, and Swax Lax is looking forward to their third visit. Be sure to stop by to say “Hi!”

Where You Can Find Swax Lax at LaxCon

Expo Hall

Visit Swax Lax at Booth 316, where they’ll have Swax Lax balls for sale, including their brand-new Pro-Grip ball.

The Expo Hall is open on Friday, Jan. 20 from 1–6:30 pm and on Saturday, Jan. 21 from 9 am–5 pm.

Demo Field

See Swax Lax goalie balls in action at famed goalie coach Ted Glynn’s session on Friday at 3 pm, “Goalies: Do You Want to be Good or Great?" on the Demo Field.

East Coast Dyes

Head over to Booth 516 where East Coast Dyes is having some fun with Swax Lax balls and more than 500 gallons of water.


You can always follow along for the latest with Swax Lax on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use hashtag #laxcon when posting photos!