Summing Up LaxCon 2020

Summing Up LaxCon 2020

We just returned from the 2020 LaxCon in Philly, the city of Brotherly Love, where we got to feel the love ourselves from our fellow coaches and players who are big fans of Swax Lax! There is nothing more rewarding as a manufacturer in the lacrosse community than having the opportunity to come face to face with customers, including new fans, fellow vendors, and old friends. In fact, some of our best innovations and improvements, including suggestions for new colors and styles, have come directly from the players, parents, and coaches — and man, was our booth busy!

Fun Swax Lax Fact 

Did you know that Swax Lax launched at LaxCon in 2015? This means that the annual event also happens to be a birthday celebration of sorts, and it also serves as a reminder of how much we’ve grown in the intervening five years. From that first year as an unknown brand with a weird-looking lacrosse training ball, we’ve grown into a well-respected name in the lacrosse community known for making a patented, game-changing product for indoor training and teaching young players to learn the sport with more confidence and less fear. 

Fans flock to Swax Lax booth at LaxCon 2020

Growing the Game

A big shout-out to the hundreds of people who stopped by our booth to tell us how they use Swax Lax balls in their gyms, basements, and fields. Not only did we smash our previous years’ sales figures for the event, but we loved hearing how much our donations of product and deep discounts have meant to the non-profit organizations that are committed to growing the game in under-served communities. To all the passionate coaches who are working in the trenches to teach the sport to beginners in parking lots, overcrowded gyms, public parks, or hallways, we salute your efforts and thank you for your dedication (ReLax, Lacrosse the Nations, Detroit United — to name a few)! You continue to inspire us! 

US Lacrosse

What made 2020 even more special is that this was the first year we attended as an Official Training Partner of US Lacrosse, the governing body of the sport and host of the convention. We also had a primo spot just inside the Expo Hall which meant there was no way for fans to miss us. We are told that this year’s LaxCon had more than 7,000 visitors, which makes sense to us because we barely had time to sit down! We also had the opportunity this year to be part of the USL Trylax program. This helped expose thousands of new players to our great game, all across the country. We'll continue to support the program in 2020!

ECD using custom Swax Lax balls at their booth at LaxCon 2020 for games

More Awesomeness

What made the convention even more awesome in our eyes was our friends at ECD, All Ball Pro, and STX. Each used our balls in their demo and game areas. It was very exciting to see players lined up to test their stick skills on targets, rebounders, and in games — all using our balls — most custom! 

Fellow inventor, Matthew Velasquez, joined us at the booth to show coaches and players how to use our second amazing product, the Power Weights. Launched in 2019, the Power Weights are now a top-selling hit with coaches and players who are looking to build lacrosse-specific muscles and increase shooting speed. Power Weights are weighted velcro straps that fit on the head of just about any girls, boys or goalie stick. Matt’s lax pedigree is deep. He’s the current assistant women’s lacrosse coach for Bentley College and was instrumental in helping then junior Eliza Bresler become Goalie of the Year, voted to the All-Conference team. Of course, Eliza trained every day using Power Weights! 

Joe - Friday 2020 winner of our Swax Lax LaxCon giveaway bundle

Christianne - winner of our Saturday 2020 LaxCon Swax Lax giveaway bundle

Finally, congratulations to Joe (Friday winner) and Christianne (second from left, Saturday winner) who won our giveaway bundles — a bag filled with a dozen Swax Lax balls, Power Weights, and a few other Swax Lax goodies.

We are looking forward to the 2020 lacrosse season, and we hope all of you have successful seasons as well.