Rehashing Good Times at LaxCon 2018

Swax Lax team at LaxCon 2018

I recently returned from LaxCon 2018 with a “little pep in my step,” excited about the upcoming spring season. LaxCon is great for generating enthusiasm. Listening to some terrific talks and demonstrations and seeing lots of old friends is awesome. It gets you thinking about your team and all the possibilities for success this season.

It also marks our third birthday at Swax Lax. It was a great one. I can’t tell you how many people came by our booth to tell us how much they like our products — mostly I can’t tell you because I’m not good at math. But trust me, it was a lot.

Catch the Swax

We also got to see our Swax Lax training balls at other booths and being used in at least three different demonstrations. Our Swax Lax training balls are so good for indoor applications that a bunch of different exhibitors were using our product for their interactive product demos.

WPLL Custom Swax Lax soft lacrosse training ballAll Ball Pro was using us on their rebounders. Shoot n Scoop was using our balls to demo. GripRX was using Swax Lax balls in their shooting cage. Soft Lacrosse now uses Swax Lax balls for their intermediate level programs. The guys at Ireland Lacrosse fell in love with our new Shamrock ball and immediately adopted it. The new Women’s Professional Lacrosse League was hawking a special edition Swax Lax ball. East Coast Dyes had a special edition ball too. Longstreth, String King, Nature Boy Lacrosse, and Lacrosse Ball Store all had us in their booths as well.

Dishing Up Demos

We also had three different presentation demos use Swax Lax balls. Devon Wills, (TEAM USA Goalie and USC Goalie Coach) used them at her goalie clinic. As did our good friend Ted Glynn. It’s remarkable how many sets of goalie balls we sell immediately following a goalie clinic. It seems like as soon as goalie coaches see the balls in action, they can’t get them fast enough.

Charm City Youth Lacrosse at LaxCon 2018The third was the Nations United Clinic hosted by Charm City Youth Lacrosse at the Under-Armor House. Kyle Harrison, Chazz Woodson, Jovan Miller, and Romar Dennis were putting the Swax Lax balls through their paces with a group Charm City kids. It was great to see.

Our Swax Lax training balls are so popular with indoor clinics and demos because they don’t bounce and rebound all over the place. And if Swax Lax balls do hit someone or something, they are significantly softer than regulation rubber balls, while still being the same size and weight.

As a coach I’m excited about getting out on the field with my team this spring, but until we can get outside, we will be using Swax Lax training balls inside.

Good luck this season!

Kevin Meany, Lacrosse Coach