Happy Birthday To Us!

Happy Birthday To Us!

What an awesome weekend I had. A major reason for the awesomeness of the weekend was that it had absolutely nothing to do with politics. But the biggest reason was because of all the love we were getting at the Swax Lax booth at LaxCon. Don’t worry it was all consensual.

Swax Lax celebrated its second birthday last weekend at LaxCon. I realize people try to be extra nice to you on your birthday, but we were totally unprepared for this level of niceness. We were inundated with fans (yes, apparently Swax Lax has fans) coming to our booth to tell us how wonderful our product is — and we didn’t even tell them it was our birthday.

It is hard to believe it has only been two short years since Swax Lax started selling balls at LaxCon 2015. Our first year there we spent the whole convention explaining what the product was and how it would help make them better coaches. Last year we mostly stood around talking to ourselves because there was a blizzard dumping 24 inches of snow on Baltimore. But this year LaxCon was awesome.

Proud of the Praise

We had coaches from all over the country, heck, from all over the world, coming into the booth to tell us how much they love our lacrosse training balls. When you are selling on the Internet or to retailers you don’t get many opportunities to speak face to face with customers after they have used your product. You don’t get to hear how much they like it and how helpful it is to them. This year at LaxCon we got that opportunity.

People were pouring into the booth to shake hands, take selfies with, or even hug the inventor, Laura Gump. They wanted to meet Betsy Vreeland who takes care of all the logistics issues. They were upset when they found out Laura Kenny, who does customer service, wasn’t there. I wish all our Swax Lax personnel could have been there to feel the love.  

Most of us, at least the ones who are being honest, do not remember our second birthday. I will definitely remember Swax Lax’s second birthday at #LaxCon 2017.