How to Play Piñata Lacrosse

How to play pinata lacrosse

“Mooooom! I’m bored. There is nothing to do.”

Betcha heard that one before. And you probably will again now that school is ending. Well, I’ve got a game to get the little ones outdoors, while keeping lacrosse skills sharp this summer. This game needs only household items, Swax Lax lacrosse training balls, and a lacrosse stick. With this lacrosse-themed game, you can keep your little laxer active and outdoors.

Piñata Lacrosse

This is a fun game we use a lot during lacrosse camps with young players. It can get your childrens' artistic side going, as well as their athletic side, and who doesn’t love the anticipation of cracking a piñata?!

Get a paper bag and some crayons, markers, or if you really like cleaning the house and doing laundry, some paint. Let them decorate the bag however they want. Dinosaurs, unicorns, superheroes, princesses — whatever floats their boat. Then fill it with something they like. I’m partial to candy, but other small goodies and toys work well here, too.

Then tie a string around the top and hang it in the top corner of the lacrosse goal (or make two, one for each corner) — or hang it about eye level (your child’s eye level, not yours) from a tree branch, a basketball rim, a pitch-back, or anything else you can think of. For obvious reasons, we do not recommend hanging it in front of windows, cars, a lamppost, younger siblings, or other objects that might get broken, dented, bruised, or cause harm.

Draw a line about 15-20 feet away and let the kids take turns throwing Swax Lax balls at the bag (using their stick). When the kids break the bag, they get the treats.

This game can be adjusted for single players or a group. I’d avoid groups larger than eight, as kids can get antsy and sword fights might break out while waiting for a turn to throw the ball at the piñata. If you are using a heavy paper bag, it’s sometimes helpful to spray a little water on the bottom of the bag to soften it up. If you want to keep the game going, double the fun by doubling the paper bags.

This exercise is sure to inspire your kids to come up with even more creative lacrosse games of their own. Let us know what they dream up!

** Don’t forget the sunscreen and water. ** 

About the Author
Kevin Meany is the head boys coach at Sum It Up Lacrosse and was a former goalie for Providence College. When he’s not coaching for Sum It Up, he’s the assistant coach for the Morristown-Beard varsity and middle school lacrosse teams in Morristown, New Jersey, and a contributor to the Swax Lax team where he keeps all of us laughing.