Egg Hunt Lacrosse Drill for Beginner and Intermediate Players

Egg Hunt Lacrosse Drill for Beginner and Intermediate Players

Here’s an easy-to-implement egg hunt lacrosse drill that can be adapted to all ages and skill levels. It covers lacrosse techniques from ground balls, to cradling, to shooting — and gives lacrosse players the opportunity to work on a variety of fundamental skills all in one drill. 


To work on ground balls, cradling, and shooting 

Skill Level

Beginner to intermediate


Kindergarten to high school


Swax Lax balls, cones, goal 

Lacrosse Drill Instructions

  • Split players into two teams
  • Place balls in the middle of the field 
  • Set up two cones 10 yards past the balls on the opposite side from the players
  • Line up players on the 30-yard line with their backs facing the balls
  • On coach’s whistle, one player from each team turns around, runs, scoops up a ground ball, cradles the ball around the cone, runs back, and takes a shot on the goal (can mark the spot where players must shoot) 
  • First team to make a goal gets a point; team with the most points wins 

Drill Variations

  • Play drill for time (speed) 
  • Play drill to a number (points)
  • Play drill until all of the balls are picked up
This game will help players warm up their skills before the start of the season. Tag us on Instagram (@swaxlaxball) when you try out this lacrosse drill — we want to see you playing Egg Hunt (we’ll be giving out stickers!). Need Swax Lax balls to make this game more productive? Get 20% off all Original Swax Lax lacrosse training balls using promo code EGGHUNT at checkout. Offer good through 4/30/2021. (Not valid on bulk, multi-pack, or custom orders.)