Top 11 Holiday Gifts for Indoor Lacrosse Training

Top 11 Holiday Gifts for Indoor Lacrosse Training

Every lacrosse player knows that practicing at home is important to training. Lacrosse requires building up muscle memory, and the best way to do that is — you guessed it — practice, practice, practice. Sure, one way to do this is by working on stick tricks in the living room, but if your favorite laxers are looking to step up their at-home training game, here are 11 gift ideas to put under the tree (12 if you want to throw in a Swax Lax ball!). As an added bonus, almost all products work outdoors for more versatility; and most are for men and women.

Shoot n Scoop lacrosse trainerShoot n Scoop

The Shoot n Scoop is designed to help players at all levels improve their shooting, passing, and scooping skills. Players shoot or pass the ball to the net, with the ball then rolling out from the bottom and becoming a ground ball. The Shoot n Scoop can be used for a variety of different drills, making it a versatile gift that your laxer can practice with all day. As a plus, the net and frame can be removed for easier storage. Buy one today at Shoot n Scoop, $149.99. (Also available is The Full Ride, which includes a Shoot n Scoop, StringKing stick, and a Swax Lax training ball, $239.98).

SKLZ Reaction Ball Agility Trainer

SKLZ Reaction Ball Agility Trainer

Hand-eye coordination is a crucial skill in every sport, including lacrosse. This six-sided high-bounce rubber ball was created with this in mind, improving players’ reaction speed by forcing them to stay focused and follow the ball as it bounces and ricochets randomly. Because this ball is meant for your hands rather than your lacrosse stick, it can be used anywhere — with no equipment necessary. Get yours at SportStop, $9.99.

Champion Lacrosse Speed Agility Set

Speed Agility Kit

Being a great lacrosse player is about more than just stick skills. The sport also requires athleticism, strength, and agility. Players develop all these skills using this all-in-one training set from Champion Sports. The possibilities are endless using the eight different types of training equipment: agility ladders, hurdles, a speed chute, and a reaction ball. Athletes develop competence across the board using the kit, from improving reaction speed and hand-eye coordination to boosting acceleration and explosiveness. [As a disclaimer, not every item in the kit can be used indoors, but we still think it counts as an indoor training gift.] Order one at Lacrosse Ball Store, $129.00.

Elevate Ladder and Cones Training Set

Ladder and Cones Training Set

For a more affordable agility set, try this option from Elevate Sports. It comes with an agility ladder, eight cones, a drill chart, two resistance bands, and a carrying case. This gives players the chance to do lots of different drills and workouts. It can be used outdoors as well as indoors, with four metal stakes to help the ladder stay in place when practicing on grass. Buy a set now at, $34.99. (Want just cones? You can get a dozen at Lacrosse Ball Store, $7.99.)

Rage Cage Mini Folding Lacrosse Goal

Rage Cage Mini Folding Lacrosse Goal 

To practice shooting indoors, having a miniature goal is critical. Nobody wants cracked drywall and broken windows! This Rage Cage miniature goal (3’ x 3’ x 3.5’) comes pre-strung with no assembly required. Its steel frame is powder-coated orange, folds in seconds, and comes with the Rage Cage Ultra durable net fastening system. You can use it indoors and outdoors, and it comes with a carrying strap for easier transportation. Buy the goal now at Lacrosse Unlimited, $179.99.

ECD Lacrosse Goal Target

ECD Shooting Target

Shooting is about speed and accuracy, and the best way to improve your accuracy is with target practice. This target from East Coast Dyes can be attached to any goal with a crossbar, including the one above. While many targets have to be tied on with string and can be difficult to move around, this target can be installed in seconds with two rubber hooks that go around the crossbar and attach to a plastic clip. It is made from flexible, durable rubber, so it can’t tear like targets made from nylon. East Coast Dyes, $39.99.

BlazePod light-based reflex training system

BlazePod Standard Kit

BlazePod is a light-based reflex training system that brings an element of competition to your workouts. Offering a fun way to improve your agility, balance, coordination, reaction time strength, and so much more, this training tool is great for coaches and players. Players can choose from predefined workouts on the app, or customize their own. Whether you’re working out alone, with a partner, or with a team, BlazePod tracks your progress in real time all from your phone. You can order the standard kit that comes with four Pods, the app, plus a charger and carrying case at BlazePod, $299. See the BlazePod in action

Swax Lax Power Weights

Swax Lax POWER™ Weights

Our POWER™ Weights turn any lacrosse stick, including men's, women's, and goalie's, into a training tool that helps develop and strengthen lacrosse-specific muscles and improves a player's stick work. These weights can be used to pass/catch, scoop, dodge, and shoot without interference to your pocket or shaft. They take up zero space, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor practicing. If you know lacrosse players looking to take their lax game to the next level, this is the perfect gift for them. Get a set now at Swax Lax, $24.99.

AllBallPro Mini Rebounder

Mini Pro Lacrosse Rebounder

Rebounders are some of the best practice tools out there, especially when you have to train by yourself. Unfortunately, it’s tough to find ones that are compact enough to use indoors. That’s where the All Ball Pro Mini Pro comes in. With a 2’ x 2’ net frame, the screen tilts to any desired angle and is designed to provide the highest velocity return rate on the market. It is all-weather so you can use it indoors and outdoors., $349.99.

STX Mini Proton Fiddle Stick

STX Mini Proton Fiddle Stick

Mini sticks always make great gifts because not only are they great practice tools when you have limited space, they are also really fun to play with. This Mini Proton Fiddle Stick comes from STX with a soft ball and is designed to allow you to play recreational lacrosse anywhere. You can choose between four different colors. You can find one now at Lacrosse Unlimited, $19.99. The Swax Lax MiNI ball fits nicely into a mini stick, Amazon, $10.79.

STX Fiddle Mini Lacrosse Set

STX Fiddle Mini Lacrosse Set

If you like the idea of a mini stick for your laxer and want to take it a step further, this STX set is for you! It comes with a 3' x 3' PVC goal, two Fiddle Sticks, one mini goalie stick, two soft mini balls, and an instruction book with game play rules. This would work as a gift for young beginners, children looking for an introduction to a sport, and older players looking for some fun. Shop today at SportStop, $59.99. (Another plug for a Swax Lax MiNi, which works equally well with a fiddle stick, Amazon, $10.79.)

Which of these products is your favorite? Let us know on Instagram, and feel free to share your own lacrosse gift ideas! If you’re looking for more lax-themed presents, check out our stocking stuffer gift guide! #swaxmas

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Molly Gump graduated from Oberlin College in 2020. Though she coached lacrosse for a few years, her biggest claim to fame in the sports world was getting hit in the face with a lacrosse ball by her mom in fourth grade, inspiring her mother to invent Swax Lax balls.