Can I Use a Swax Lax Ball with a Rebounder?

Lacrosse rebounders are perfect for Swax Lax practice balls

We’re often asked how Swax Lax balls work with rebounders (or pitchbacks, as some lacrosse players call them). You’ll be glad to know, they work perfectly.

Swax Lax balls are designed to be bounce-resistant, and while this no-bounce quality might seem like it would make Swax Lax balls hard to use with rebounders, the truth is, the balls work really well. Players may just need to stand a little closer to the rebounder when using a Swax Lax ball instead of a traditional lacrosse ball.

Playing with a Swax Lax ball makes it less likely players will get an unexpected jolt to the face, or that a dreaded missed pass will result in a sudden chase after the ball.

But, don’t take our word for it, watch Swax Lax in action with a rebounder (no actors involved, real lacrosse players only!):


So, if you’re fortunate to have Swax Lax swag and a rebounder nearby, you’re in luck. Start practicing, and no worries, if you’re not as prepared as you thought you were, you’ll save yourself a bruise or two. And, don’t be afraid to practice with your non-dominant hand —it, literally, can’t hurt to try!

Please note: Swax Lax balls are well-suited for rebounders; they do not work well for wall ball.

Submitted and written by Intern Marisa Caponi; edited by Anna Sandler.