Discover the Secret to Fear-free Goalie Training

Discover the Secret to Fear-free Goalie Training

Are your goalies afraid of the lacrosse ball? Are they constantly shying away from the hard ball because they’re worried they’ll get hit?

Good news! The secret to a fear-free goalie training session has arrived. It’s the Swax Lax lacrosse training ball — a no bounce, soft weighted ball that mimics the weight, circumference, and texture of a regulation lacrosse ball. This makes it perfect for fundamental goalie training as it allows goalies’ confidence to grow in the net as they learn how to make saves without the fear of getting hurt.

The Swax Lax is also great for more advanced goalies. In practice or pregame warmups, goalies often use tennis balls to get prepared. However, tennis balls are extremely light and do not resemble the feel of an actual lacrosse ball. But using a Swax Lax ball for warm up gives them the weight, feel, and speed of an actual lacrosse ball so they’re ready to play when there's a competitive game.

Goalies Approve of Swax Lax

Lacrosse goalie trainingPast Pingry School (Martinsville, NJ) varsity goalie Jenny Wilkens ‘15 used Swax Lax balls to train and prepare for the game. Jenny says, “These soft weighted balls are great to warm up your hand-eye coordination and get you in the zone for game situations.” She also believes that Swax Lax balls are perfect for younger goalies as well, “I wish I had balls like these growing up because they would have helped me become more comfortable in net at a younger age.” Jenny recommends Swax Lax to any young lacrosse goalies and even the most experienced lacrosse goalies. 

Former BBL and Kent Place School (Summit, NJ) goalie coach Neil Goldstein has seen his middle school goalies become more confident when using the Swax Lax balls during their training. He says, “You should call them No-Fear Balls.”

What do you have to fear? Try Swax Lax today.