Swax Lax Balls are Down to Earth

Swax Lax balls are considered eco-friendly

When we designed Swax Lax lacrosse training balls, lots of factors were important: safety, durability, and, of course, accuracy in duplicating the weight and dimensions of a regulation lacrosse ball. Another criteria that mattered to us was creating a ball that was eco-friendly. 

New Eco-Friendly Design

So what makes Swax Lax an environmentally sound choice in a lacrosse training ball?All of our balls are filled partially with sand and partially with recycled rubber. This filling also makes Swax Lax balls incredibly shock absorbent, just another benefit of going green! 

Another feature of Swax Lax balls is that they don't bounce, making it less likely a ball will go missing when you're throwing or shooting outdoors. And, because Swax Lax balls are durable, every ball you purchase should last for a long time.

Swax Lax balls are a great way to get kids of any age and any lacrosse playing ability outdoors enjoying the sport and being active.

This Earth Day (and every day), we encourage you go outside — play lacrosse, run around, take a walk, or enjoy nature. Studies show that all time spent outdoors is time well spent.

April 22 only, in honor of Earth Day (#earthday), we're offering 4.22% off all orders. Which color(s) Swax Lax balls will you order? Red, blue, white, pink, yellow, or gold? Just enter promo code EARTHDAY during checkout in our store to receive your discount.