Good, Better, Best

Perfecting Swax Lax training balls to be the best they can be

In January 2015, we returned from the very successful launch of our Swax Lax balls at LaxCon, the US Lacrosse Convention. Lacrosse players and coaches from all over couldn’t wait to try Swax Lax, our unique soft weighted lacrosse training balls. Orders were filled; rave reviews and comments filled our inboxes. We were thrilled. But could we do better? Of course!


High School Boys Testing the Swax Lax Lacrosse Training Balls

For months prior to the launch, the Swax Lax team (and campers at Swax Lax Lacrosse) tested and retested variations of the ball. Even though the ball is amazing, and lacrosse players and coaches love it, we wanted to continue to make improvements, and make the ball able to withstand shooting at high speeds.

Good Getting Better

Weighing Swax Lax Lacrosse Training Balls for Quality ControlWe worked with our designer and manufacturer to continue to develop the ball. They sent us lots of sample balls to test, each shipment having a slight variation in the design, which included alternative stitching methods, materials, and fillers. When a shipment arrived, we first measured and weighed the balls to make sure they were the exact dimensions and weight of regulation lacrosse balls.

Speed Testing Swax Lax Balls

Inventor and owner Laura Gump holding radar speed gunThen we armed ourselves with a radar speed gun and a Shop Vac (to clean up any flawed balls that exploded on impact), and headed to the gym with our testing team of lacrosse coaches and players of different ages and abilities. We had them throw the balls against cement walls at top speeds (30 to 80 mph—see video below). High school boys loved ripping the balls into brick walls, parking lots, and anything else they could think of that may cause the product to fail. If the balls exploded or showed signs of wear and tear, we took note and no longer considered that batch of balls for final evaluation. Finally, the balls had to pass our color and squeeze-for-softness tests.

The Best — Suitable for Shooting at High Speeds

Tester Laura K. keep track of ball qualityAfter six weeks of testing—and more testing, we are happy to share with you that we have approved the design that meets our high standards—and one that’s suitable for shooting at high speeds. We’re confident this is the best design and will meet the high standards of lacrosse coaches, players, and families of all ages and abilities. And, our ball is now created with a recycled rubber filling as opposed to our original filling—plastic pellets.

You can be sure that before a Swax Lax ball reaches you, it’s been tested and then tested some more so you have the best designed ball.

We appreciate your support and patience, and now all colors of Swax Lax lacrosse training balls are back in stock—please spread the word!

To order Swax Lax balls for yourself or for your team, go to the Store. Please contact us for discounts on bulk orders.

Testing the Swax Lax at High Speeds