New Year, New Game

New Year, New Game

Swax Lax was fortunate to receive lots of attention from reputable lacrosse magazines, countless fans on Instagram and Youtube, popular retailers, and awesome bloggers. Whether a college student stuck indoors for winter training or a third grader learning lacrosse basics in a gym, reviewers highlighted the indoor friendliness of the Swax Lax balls.

Seth Janica of Lacrosse Playground called the product a “must-get” and “something of a dream,” and admitted that Swax Lax “nailed it!” compared to outdated lacrosse training balls. Seth went as far as to hit himself with the ball just to prove that it hurt a lot less than a regulation ball even though Swax Lax balls weigh the same! Read more on his blog page.

In the November 2015 issue of Lacrosse Magazine, they coined the product as “a great stocking stuffer,” acknowledging that the soft material and bounce resistance plays a role in developing players' confidence as their skills progress. Removing fear can make the game more attractive and approachable to young lacrosse players, who will be more likely to stick with the sport as they ease into using game-regulated balls.

Lacrosse Unlimited, one of our most well-known retailers, is now featuring Swax Lax in their stores and on their website. Shop online or visit one of their 57 stores to get a Swax Lax in your favorite color!

In a YouTube review in July, the dudes at East Coast Dyes commented on the research they'd found after talking to some buddies, who noted the balls “are perfect for goalies who want to practice their hand-eye coordination.” We don’t advise you to test the balls to see if they’ll break your neighbor’s window, but we do support their mom-friendly idea of walking around the house cradling a Swax Lax ball. The guys show back-to-back clips of them passing and shooting — not only should you view this great review but give them some creds for ripping some killer Gs. Kudos guys.

Higher Education

Swax Lax has expanded its horizons to reach a wider variety of age groups, including many universities and colleges. In addition, an ivy league university is now testing the properties of the Swax Lax ball, and another university is conducting a marketing analysis. We look forward to their results and input.

Of all the expectations 2016 has in store, make the smart choice for your team, club program, university, or your own child by adding “Purchase Swax Lax balls,” to your list of New Year’s resolutions. We know you'll agree that it’s a lot easier than going vegan or hitting the gym everyday.

Submitted and written by Intern Marisa Caponi; edited by Laura Kenny.